First Steps to Learn Spanish

First Steps to Learn Spanish

Speak & Learn Presents: “First Steps to Learn Spanish”.

A new challenge-course for people who want to start learning Spanish language but don’t know how to.

This challenge is for you if:

. You want to take Spanish Conversation classes, but you think it’s necessary to have a minimum knowledge before that.

. You want to start to learn another language, and you like Spanish, but never found time.

. You studied Spanish a long time ago and you can’t remember anything.

. You want to achieve your dream of speaking Spanish.

. You would love to communicate with people from all over the world (remember that Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world!)

. You would like to learn Spanish in a different way.

This challenge is not for you if:

. You think it’s impossible to learn a new language when you are an adult.

. You don’t want to spend a little time a day learning a new language.

. You don’t have an open and positive mind.

. Your Spanish level is higher than A2 level.

Curso Español First Steps to Learn Spanish

What is the challenge «First steps to Learn Spanish”?

It is a 2 weeks intensive course, where you will learn the first steps to learn Spanish.

You’ll learn to:

  • Introduce yourself and talk about yourself.
  • Make descriptions about you and your family.
  • Talk about how you feel and your mood.
  • Talk about your job and the different professions.
  • Talk about what you are doing in the current moment.

How am I going to learn all that?

During 2 weeks, Monday to Friday,  you will receive an email with an infographic, a video and a work document.

The infographic will provide you with theoretical and grammatical information, as well as vocabulary that you will have to memorize.

In the videos a teacher will explain the basics of grammar to you and you will be able to listen to real conversations in Spanish and see practical examples.

After this, you can practice yourself through our working papers, where you will find exercises to practice everything you have learned in the infographics and videos. After doing them, you will find a document with the correct solutions.

In addition, we will do 2 sessions through Zoom with all the students, to practice and solve all the questions you may have. They will be on Saturday 21th May and Saturday 28th May.

And when will this course take place?

The course will be from Monday 16th to Saturday 28th, when we will do the last session with the teacher.

Ok but … how much does this challenge cost?

After this «Challenge-intensive course» you will have a Grammar guide with the infographics, exercises, videos and 2 live classes with our teacher through Zoom. The price for all of this is 47€. The payment will be through Paypal.

You will be able to reserve your place in «First steps to Learn Spanish» from 4th May until 14th May, when we will close the inscriptions. 16th May you’ll receive your first email and will start to learn Spanish!

To reserve your place in the intensive course, send an email to, and we will reply as soon as possible indicating how to make the payment and the confirmation. Do it asap because are limited places!

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